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Grace With Taste

or, the Republican Party at Prayer?

19 March 1985
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"From a popular philosophy, and a philosophic populace, may Good Sense deliver us!" - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

I promise I'm not an obscurant; I just enjoy an obscure rant every now and then. My political and religious entries and essays follow the inspiration of the three pillars:

Scripture (The King James Bible and the Book of Common Prayer)
Tradition (ranging from Cicero to Dante to Shakespeare to Plato)
Reason (That little intuition, that magnamity between your ears)

Everything else is mere whimsy. As it should be.

I've added a little coding system, so those of you reading from home can gather at quick glance the nature of each of my posts. Each profile picture signifies the different genre of posts:

Political posts feature Edmund Burke
Religious posts feature Cardinal Newman
Artistic posts feature Franco Zeffirelli
Personal feature Yours Truly
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